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What we do:

  • Regular ironing services (weekly, fortnightly or monthly)
  • One off ironing services
  • Washing
  • Washing, drying & ironing

We have two ways of charging and let our customers choose which scheme suits their needs best. You can choose between:

Pleas note: as we are offering FREE pickup and delivery, our MINIMUM charge is £20 per order! Next day delivery is not always possible so please give us clothes that you won't need the next day.

  • A flat rate of £13 per hour - for one hour we iron 10 shirts approximately. If you require washing, drying & ironing, there  is a charge of £8.50 for up to 4kg of clothes for washing.
  • Itemised scheme. Below you can see our rates:
Ironing Washing&Ironing


Skirts, shirts, dresses, trousers £1.20


T-Shirts, polo shirts, jumpers, sweat shirts, shorts,cardigans £0.80 £1.40

Childrens Clothes

Up to age 6 (1 item) £0.50 £0.85
Up to age 12 (1 item) £0.65 £1.10


Pillowcases £0.70 £1.30
Sheet £1.80 £3.20
Duvet Cover £1.80 £3.20
Sheet £2.30 £4.20
Duvet Cover £2.30 £4.20
King Size
Sheet £2.80 £5.20
Duvet Cover £2.80 £5.20
Super King Size
Sheet £3.30 £6.20
Duvet Cover £3.30 £6.20


Hankies, flannel, napkins, tea towels £0.40 £0.70
Small(for table for up to 4 people)
£1.20 £2.20
Large(for table for up 10 people)
£1.80 £3.20

Trade accounts are welcomed - we will be more than happy to help you in your washing and ironing needs for your restaurant, banquet, etc.

Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

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